Let's size up the paper and what you will be getting if you choose to use a few of your hard-found ad dollars with us. We will be printing on a 22-inch web image area so each page will be 10 inches tall by 9.5 inches wide. We will offer a double truck (double-page) centre spread image area which is 10 inches tall by 20.25 inches wide. If you don't make it in time to get the centre, but want a double, we do have the ability to put two pages together as a "fake double truck" which will have the same dimensions, but be cheaper and that's always a good thing. What else do you need to know? Simply this:
—Please no "crop marks" or "crop lines" of any kind. They simply confuse placement of your ad accurately. If you use an ad agency or designer, please tell them to remove these before sending your art.
—Ad must conform to the space purchased, so please no horizontal ads in vertical spaces or vice versa. They simply will not fit correctly.
—Our preferred file format is PDF, but a JPEG or TIFF will also work. 
—We can NOT accept art in ANY other formats than above, so please no Word files or Microsoft Publisher documents. If you use either, please save and convert to PDF before sending.
—Save your fonts as curves or imbed them please and DO print out & check your final file before sending.  We cannot be responsible for ads with artwork or font problems, so please help us help you. And always follow up with us via e-mail or phone if you have any doubts. We are here to help you, the customer, look your best!