Up Portland is the downtown area's newest free newspaper, but it comes from a long line of publications publisher Ted Fleischaker has owned & written for dating back to the late 1960s. Its closest "relative" is Up Downtown Indianapolis, which Ted sold in March 2015 when his partner transferred with Apple Computers to Maine. Growing from an original 12-page tab in the Midwest to what's now 32 pages, Up Downtown Portland promises to bring a fresh, unafraid, but fun look at and to people who live, visit and come downtown. It also is a "specialist" newspaper because while the area boasts many fine publications, we are downtown's only local newspaper. We will only be writing about what's happening "on the Peninsula" and that means it's news for downtown dwellers, visitors and workers. We also will be distributing on the streets, in hotels, visitors' centres & restaurants as well as other businesses in the downtown area. And, unlike any other paper, we will have "newsboys" giving away free copies on ship days along Commercial Street, so your ad will be seen by folks coming to town by sea, land and even air (Look for us at the Jetport in the information centre!)